How to take your food business instagram game to the next level

Social Media Marketing

Modern business owners understand the value of using social media to grow their businesses. It can be an excellent technique for business owners to communicate with customers and expand their clientele. As the significance of social media has grown, so have the opportunities of using powerful platforms, including Instagram, to reach your desired audience.

Design Your Brand Hashtag

A branded hashtag helps you keep track of images that customers post about your company via social media. Branded hashtags often combine your company’s name and location, such as #freshfind or #smallbusiness. Encourage guests to include this hashtag in the comments anytime they post images from your restaurant so you can keep track of them and like or react to them. 

Social Media Food & Drink National Holidays

Creating content around the events of each holiday can boost your insights because of the trending holiday hashtag. For example, #NationalTacoDay is a trendy food holiday, and different platforms have a specific hashtag to use on its day. You are creating content to post on the day, or even a similar style dish, which can help promote a special offer for your business.

High-Quality Photos

Photography is an essential aspect of Instagram’s strategy. The more engaging your photograph, the more likely someone will interact with it. It also makes your account appear more professional and appealing. You’ll learn how to frame your account and employ light and Instagram effects to create unique images that others want to share. Your viewers will appreciate your efforts, resulting in additional likes, comments, and insights on your posts.

Instagram Stories, Live, and Reels

Instagram stories, live, and reels are good ways to show your viewers what life is like behind the scenes In your business. The stories will give followers a bit of insight into your brand, the live stream is more interactive with your followers, and reels will show short clips of your brand, giving you more engagement.

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